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Why Should We Snack? Isn’t it.. Unhealthy?

When we were young, Mummy always says no snacking between meals. Right? Most people think snacking between meals can lead to weight gain or that snacking will spoil your dinner.

However, we at Snackmail believe that snacks are a very important part of our diet. That of course is if you snack healthy! Snack the right foods at the right times and you will find that snacking can be a healthy way to get extra energy between meals and boost your overall nutritional intake. 

Healthy snacking contributes to a healthy lifestyle!

Snack with love. Help someone in need with every snack box you get. What better way to enjoy Singapore snacks without the spirit of sharing. Now you get to feel good while indulging in your favorite snacks when you know you are helping the less fortunate to meet their daily needs and meals.


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